Energy Tour

Live visuals

An immersive house music experience. With great direction from Aries Moross and Matt Pitman, Disclosure’s Energy tour was packed with unique looks for both their classics and their new hits.

A great technical challenge including 2D and 3D animation, volumetric capture work and even some Unreal Engine work. 
Show Design: Matt Pitman & Aries Moross

Lighting Design:
 Matt Pitman & Dan Crowther for Pixelmappers

Dan Crowther

 Seth Griffiths

D3 Programming + Notch:
 Rich Porter, The Hive, Sam Lisher

Video Design: Studio Moross

Motion: Santiago Avila, Ashley Back, Sam Barcham, Dexter George, Nic Hamilton, Leio Kirtley, Aries Moross, Rich Porter, Thomas Ricquier

Project Management: Ashleigh Evans, Ellen Morrison

Hazel Falck

3D Motion Capture:

Live Action Capture
Andy Sladeck Director: Aries Moross Runner: Marshall Kelly

Method, Tobias Iddison

All Photos by Luke Dyson

More details on the project soon!

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