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At Studio Moross we teamed up with Nike to build the brand for Nike Playlist, an online series engaging kids in fun sport activities tailored to them.

It was really exciting to be involved in the look development and 2D and 3D motion for seasons 6 to 9, focusing on keeping the brand fresh and dynamic.

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Year: 2020 - 2021
Studio: Studio Moross
Client: Nike
Creative Direction: Aries Moross
Design: Aries Moross, Santiago Avila, Johnny Brennan, Anna Czuż, Wale Osunla
Motion Lead (S06) + Look Development (S07-09): Santiago Avila
Motion: Ben Gabelman, Ashley Back, Sam Barcham, T.R. Bennett, Leio Kirtley
Project Management: Ashleigh Evans, Ellen Morrisson
Production S06: R/GA Los Angeles
Production S07-09: Conscious Minds

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