No Molestar!

TV branding, on-air

No Molestar! (“Do not disturb!”) is Fox Latin America’s most irreverent segment, filled with lousy dad jokes, bright colors and one key mission: keeping you glued to your couch, watching Futurama and The Simpsons reruns.
Year: 2017
Client: Fox Channel Latinoamerica
Creative Director: André Takeda
Art Director: Nicolás Sarsotti
Copywriters: Ernesto Siffredi, Tulio Bragança, Bruno Chattás
Design: Santiago Avila, Bruno Daneri
Animation: Santiago Avila, Bruno Daneri
Edit music: Clarence Clarity - “Cancer In The Water” [Bella Union]

No Molestar Verde

A No Molestar special for Earth Day! “Be green. Be lazy”.

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